Repairing the Miniscule: How to Fix a Printed Circuit Board

Your laptop may be a Sony VAIO, an Apple Mac, or a Samsung ATIV. Your television may be from LG, Panasonic, Phillips. Your cellular phone may be a Nokia Windows phone, Samsung Android phone, or an iPhone that runs on iOS. But what all of these electronics have in common, in spite of the differences in brand names is what is inside of all of them. The electrical components that make up your technological devices are, more or less, the same, perhaps with only slight differences in the design, and the one thing that holds these components together is called a printed circuit board, or PCB.

A PCB is a thin copper plate etched with the wiring design of the device. The electrical components are then mounted and soldered on its side or sides, depending on the type of PCB required for the job.

pbc-manufactureMany hobbyists, technology geeks, and students of computer science find a satisfying experience in doing their own Pcb assembly or manufacturing their own PCBs from their own home. This gives them the chance to test their skills first-hand. Even amateurs can join in, as there are many links on the Internet that lead to instructions on how to do your own Pcb assembly.

But what happens when the printed circuit board on your electronic device gets fried?
Think you can fix it? Well, most likely, the answer is no.

Creating your own printed circuit board is relatively easy, but fixing it is an altogether different story. In most cases, bringing your device to a repairman or the brand’s repair shop is the most logical move. But if you, for some reason, want to try your hand at fixing a faulty PCB, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Assess the damage, and figure out a way to fix it. This will determine the materials you will need, as well as the level of difficulty of the task. Common damages to printed circuit boards are loose electronic components and faulty traces. If you are hazy on the damage but still want to fix this on your own, direct your query at forums specializing on electronic equipment. It might also help to study the Pcb assembly, or how this certain PCB was made, to determine where the fault lies. If you are the one who conducted the Pcb assembly, retrace your steps to know exactly what went wrong.

Have all needed materials at hand. This means buying a soldering pencil and a digital multimeter, which will serve as your weapons for this task. Depending on your damage assessment, you might also need other tools, such as non conductive epoxy and a razor knife. If you are unsure where to purchase your materials, go online and ask for referrals.

Get fixing. Once you have done your damage assessment and gathered all the materials you need, it is time to start the repairs. Find a desk with a good height, as well as a bright light source. This will give you a better view while you work. Do not forget to exercise caution, especially if you are using volatile chemicals, such as acid.

When you think you have got it right, reassemble the device. Test to see if your handiwork was effective. Or, better yet…
Bring your device to a repair shop. Because, really, unless you are experienced in this field yourself, there is very little chance that you will be able to fix your electronic device correctly. It is always best to consult an expert. But if you are doing this to study the intricacies of electricity and electronic devices, by all means, go ahead.

Advantages of Using MLS Long Island

Marketing real estate is not as simple as vending vehicles or equipment. If you are a real estate owner and you wish to sell your property, you should find a buyer who will buy it at the price you are expecting. But finding a buyer who both likes your property and can afford to buy it is similar to finding a needle in a haystack – it takes hard work and is sometimes impossible. It isn’t every day that a person will buy a property just like that. Especially in times when real estate demands are low.

Another challenge is how to access the market. A seller will take different routes in order to market his property such as advertising in the local daily newspaper or posting online through blogs and social media platforms. However, there is no guarantee that his ad will be seen by prospective buyers since he is doing his marketing independently. It will take ages for him to find the right buyer.

real estateA seller can also seek the help of a real estate broker, but he will have to give him about six percent of the total selling price, should the property be sold. While that is more viable than independent advertisement, there is still no guarantee that it will be sold immediately.

The best alternative that has become more popular for both sellers and buyers is the more affordable multi-listing service.

Multi-Listing Service Defined

A multi listing service or MLS allows real estate brokers to connect with each other and gain information regarding properties that are up for sale. MLS Long Island gives brokers access to a broader real estate market because the listings are placed in multiple websites such as Google, Yahoo! Zillow or Trulia. The listings also appear on brokers’ affiliate websites

The online market is designed by realtors specifically for realtors. The websites where the listings are placed are utilized by reputable realtors in selling and purchasing properties.The listings contain a wide range of databases that offer buyers and sellers a broader selection. There is greater possibility for properties to be sold faster because buyers can get relevant information about the property through the online listings. Previously, such details can only be acquired after a site visit.

MLS Long Island is a seamless platform that anyone can access and take advantage of. Realtors don’t have to pay exorbitant fees in order to sell their properties.

Here are some more advantages of using MLS Long Island.

1.It comes with a secure inbox to receive and store expressions of interest in properties.

2.Real estate sellers and brokers can access the current market trends; they can estimate a realistic property cost based on the available amenities and facilities in the area,

3.It allows the uploading of pictures which is vital in luring prospective clients.

4.The fees are comparably lower than those paid directly to realtors.

5.Prospective buyers undergo pre qualification procedures in the form of lender referrals. This means that buyers have the capability to purchase the property.

6.The list stays online for six months once the property owner engages in multi-listing services.

7.If the owner of the real estate property decides to cancel, he does not have to pay cancellation fees.

8.Negotiations happen directly between sellers and buyers, not through agents.

9.MLS Long Island also provides legal assistance when agreements and contracts need to be drawn. Additionally, inspection visits and checking the clarity of property titles, as well as renegotiations can be done through the MLS.

While you can enter into a contract with any buyer or seller without using MLS, you may encounter certain crisis at some stage and there would be no one to help you resolve the problem. It is prudent to use multi-listing services in order to have a smooth real estate transaction.

Advantages of using Hybrid Clubs in Golf Game

Hybrid clubs have been able to gain popularity and market share over the last few years. Simply put, many golfers gave up in using conventional clubs that are considerably hard to control. Below are the key advantages of hybrids over their common counterparts.

1.Head design advantages

Their head design allows the center of gravity to be moved lower and back from the club face. This helps in achieving greater trajectory and ball loft on a golf swing.

The medium size of hybrids for shots is beneficial out of the rough. The curved faces on hybrid irons create the shot correction called “gear effect” which straightens shots hit on the toe or heel.

Hybrid clubsThe head’s design has the “role and bulge” into the club face, which is slightly round from heel to toe. It would be beneficial to the golfer if he would strike the ball off the heel, as it can create spin back to the right. On the other hand, if a golfer strikes the ball off the toe, it would create spin to the left.

2.Sole design advantages

A traditional iron has a very slim bottom or sole, so it digs into the turf. Golfers find it difficult to strike the ball with this traditional club. Well, the sole of hybrid clubs lessens the issue encountered by conventional irons.

The broader sole of this hybrid would make it possible for the club head to “slide” along the turf. This removes or reduces the possibility of getting a divot before hitting the ball. Hybrids allow for greater lift because of the weight distribution created by the wider sole and bigger club head design.

3.The advantages of shaft and length

Conventional irons are commonly made of steel shafts. Most hybrid clubs are made of graphite shafts. Graphite is usually lighter than steel, making it possible to swing the club faster and produce more head speed. This leads to a higher spin rate on the ball.

4.Benefits of hybrid clubs in ball shots

A hybrid provides a myriad of options during a round of golf.

I.Playing the long par threes. Both new golfers and professionals have a fear of long par threes. These challenging holes make it hard for the golfers to play when using the conventional irons. Hybrids are a great weapon against long par threes.

These holes present you with an “in-between” distance without hybrids. This is too short for a 3-wood or 5-wood and too long for a 3-iron or 4-iron. A golfer might be forced to either hit a soft shot with a fairway wood or a hard shot with an iron. However, the hybrid can hit the tee shot just for the right distance.

Having the hybrid will surely prove to be advantageous, but there is still the need to be smart about the shot. Making a shot of more than 200 yards is not an easy. Always remember to choose the target carefully and aim for the big part of the green.

II.Playing on the tee on par fours. Usually, short par fours in the range of 330-380 yards always have a narrow fairway or hazard that challenge a player’s accuracy. Hybrid clubs are considered to be the best tools when playing short par fours. The features of these hybrids are perfect for the tee shots on these tiny holes. Hybrids tend to be more accurate than woods and offer more distance than long iron shots.

III.Aiming the green in two shots on a par five. Using a fairway wood in doing these shots will probably come in hot and may roll over the back of the green. However, with a hybrid club available, there’s a better chance to hit a long and straight shot. A player can’t hit par five greens in two on a regular basis, but a managing to do a successful eagle putt is surely satisfying.

IV.Bump-and-run. Hybrid club can be useful if the ball is on the edge of the green on the short grass. The player will simply rock the hybrid back and forth using a motion that is similar to making a stroke. This technique can be beneficial in learning to properly control the distance.

V.Hitting out of trouble. When the ball encounters some trouble off to the side of the fairway, using hybrid club is always a smart decision. The move to make is quite simple – just hit a punch shot back toward the short grass.

VI.Shots from a fairway bunker. This is one of the hardest shots in the course of a game. Still, a golfer could have an easy time picking the ball off the top of the sand. Using a hybrid club, it is easier to hit the shot at the full distance to the target.

There’s no denying that hybrids come with all sorts of advantages. So, those serious about golf should definitely get their hands on these versatile wonders.

What Are Military Coins

Here is a little history lesson about military coins. Back in World War I, an American fighter pilot was captured in Germany. He was imprisoned for several years until an attack by the British Army had paved the way for him to escape. Luckily enough, he was able to escape from his enemies along with other prisoners of war. While on the loose and trying to seek refuge, he had met French troops who had mistaken him for a German, which was also the French’s enemy at the time. Without precedence, he was taken captive again by America’s own ally. This was clearly a case of mistaken identity.

Stripped of his personal belongings, he struggled to find anything, something that would convince the French that he was not the enemy, that he was no German but a true-blooded American fighting for the same cause that they were fighting. Joe thought he ran out of luck but for sheer coincidence, he came about a challenge coin that a lieutenant had given him prior to his deployment. Good thing the military coin was carved with the insignia of the American unit along with other identifying marks that would support his claim being an American and an ally to the French in the war. Because of this, his execution was postponed until further verification.

True enough, the American fighter pilot’s identity was later confirmed, prompting the French to release him as a prisoner. Had it not been the coin, he would have been dead – and what a shame it would be to die upon being mistaken as an enemy. This was how military coins came into being, and their popularity has continued to gain momentum since then. It was because of this story that many were inspired to trade and collect challenge coins.

military coinsFrom starting as a mere symbol of being in the military, the coins have come to mean something more than that. Civilians and military personnel alike collect challenge coins as memorabilia. Some hobbyists are into challenge coins collection. Still, it cannot be denied that it has become a tradition and some sort of honor to receive one.

In a government ceremony, visiting dignitaries are presented with these coins as a sign of honor and welcome. Government offices order the minting of such coins, which are to be given to diplomats and foreign dignitaries visiting the country. Nowadays, military coins can be minted according to your preferences. Along with the advancement in technology, complicated designs are now possible. Some of the features that can be added to the coins are special designs on the edges, special letters and numbers, and even pictures. You would not believe that a picture can be carved onto the surface of the coin. That’s how sophisticated the tools have become these days.

A good shop would try their best to accommodate your request. Just make sure you are very specific of the details as you’d surely want to avoid mistakes. Another attribute of a good shop is that they keep you updated of the status of your order. You may receive a call from one of their office staff telling you where they are with the work. You’ll also be informed immediately if any issues suddenly come up during production. On the other hand, if you are looking for some of these coins, try to check if there are someone within your social circle that is also into this kind of coins. He might be able to help you procure such military coins. Some collectors would exchange some of their coins for another one, especially when they have more than one of a particular design.

The Ways of Buying Facebook Likes: Top Sites and What to Consider

Facebook LikesBuy Facebook Likes is a phrase that has gone around the internet for some time. Though it does not mean you go out and pay people to like your Page, it certainly works along the same route: you pay a social marketing company for a certain number of likes, give them the link to your Page, and they do the rest.

There are a lot of sites that give people options to buy Facebook Likes, but as with buying anything online, there’s just too much variety and not much to go on. Here are a few things to consider that will help you narrow down your search for a social marketing company:

·  Quality of likes: Before you break out your credit card (as all of these companies operate online), make sure you check on reviews about the kind of likes they get. A lot of sites that offer cheap packages often do so through the use of bot accounts, also known as fake likes. These get banned because Facebook can count them as spam accounts, which result in you losing likes and, consequently, losing money.

social marketing sites· Customer service: Like any business, customers are what keep these social marketing sites afloat. If they don’t respond to your inquiries on time, don’t even consider getting their service. That being said, it’s still possible to get fake likes from a company that provides good customer service, so take great care in choosing one that provides good customer services as well as generating real likes.

· Value for money: If you think you’re the only one out there that wants to make money through social media, think again. A lot of social media marketers are often very dodgy, with poorly constructed sites and very poor reviews. To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, explore their site for a bit and talk to their staff before you actually buy Facebook Likes from them.

Now that you know what to look for, here’s a list of sites you may want to consider if you ever want to buy Facebook Likes, courtesy of Buy Facebook Likes Reviews:

1. BuyLikesMedia: This company is known to many people, and is said to be the best site to get Facebook likes from. They provide high-quality, real likes and fans as well as 24/7 customer service through all three recognized platforms: phone, email and chat. Their delivery time is one of the fastest available online. They offer 5 package for Facebook likes, ranging from 100 targeted likes to 10,000 at prices between $0 and $750. If you have a Twitter account, BuyLikesMedia also offers packages for buying Twitter followers.

2. BoostFansNow: A company focused solely on Facebook, they’re one of the highest rated social media marketers available. They have 8 packages available for sale at affordable rates (as low as $24.95 for 250 likes). Even without a sought-after phone support, their customer service is still top notch. With their focus on Facebook, they can assure buyers high quality likes that come from real people through targeted marketing, which ensures that you get real people liking your page.

3. GetPremiumFans: For the past year, this site has been giving businesses real likes from real people across the country. GetPremiumFans offers 6 packages, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $749.99 and number of likes ranging from 100 to 10,000. Like the previous two, they do targeted marketing to make sure only real Facebook users like your page. Customer service from this company covers all platforms. As an added bonus, they also offer packages for buying Twitter followers as well as YouTube views, which is good for people who have a Page as well as accounts with Twitter and YouTube.