Advantages of using Hybrid Clubs in Golf Game

Hybrid clubs have been able to gain popularity and market share over the last few years. Simply put, many golfers gave up in using conventional clubs that are considerably hard to control. Below are the key advantages of hybrids over their common counterparts.

1.Head design advantages

Their head design allows the center of gravity to be moved lower and back from the club face. This helps in achieving greater trajectory and ball loft on a golf swing.

The medium size of hybrids for shots is beneficial out of the rough. The curved faces on hybrid irons create the shot correction called “gear effect” which straightens shots hit on the toe or heel.

Hybrid clubsThe head’s design has the “role and bulge” into the club face, which is slightly round from heel to toe. It would be beneficial to the golfer if he would strike the ball off the heel, as it can create spin back to the right. On the other hand, if a golfer strikes the ball off the toe, it would create spin to the left.

2.Sole design advantages

A traditional iron has a very slim bottom or sole, so it digs into the turf. Golfers find it difficult to strike the ball with this traditional club. Well, the sole of hybrid clubs lessens the issue encountered by conventional irons.

The broader sole of this hybrid would make it possible for the club head to “slide” along the turf. This removes or reduces the possibility of getting a divot before hitting the ball. Hybrids allow for greater lift because of the weight distribution created by the wider sole and bigger club head design.

3.The advantages of shaft and length

Conventional irons are commonly made of steel shafts. Most hybrid clubs are made of graphite shafts. Graphite is usually lighter than steel, making it possible to swing the club faster and produce more head speed. This leads to a higher spin rate on the ball.

4.Benefits of hybrid clubs in ball shots

A hybrid provides a myriad of options during a round of golf.

I.Playing the long par threes. Both new golfers and professionals have a fear of long par threes. These challenging holes make it hard for the golfers to play when using the conventional irons. Hybrids are a great weapon against long par threes.

These holes present you with an “in-between” distance without hybrids. This is too short for a 3-wood or 5-wood and too long for a 3-iron or 4-iron. A golfer might be forced to either hit a soft shot with a fairway wood or a hard shot with an iron. However, the hybrid can hit the tee shot just for the right distance.

Having the hybrid will surely prove to be advantageous, but there is still the need to be smart about the shot. Making a shot of more than 200 yards is not an easy. Always remember to choose the target carefully and aim for the big part of the green.

II.Playing on the tee on par fours. Usually, short par fours in the range of 330-380 yards always have a narrow fairway or hazard that challenge a player’s accuracy. Hybrid clubs are considered to be the best tools when playing short par fours. The features of these hybrids are perfect for the tee shots on these tiny holes. Hybrids tend to be more accurate than woods and offer more distance than long iron shots.

III.Aiming the green in two shots on a par five. Using a fairway wood in doing these shots will probably come in hot and may roll over the back of the green. However, with a hybrid club available, there’s a better chance to hit a long and straight shot. A player can’t hit par five greens in two on a regular basis, but a managing to do a successful eagle putt is surely satisfying.

IV.Bump-and-run. Hybrid club can be useful if the ball is on the edge of the green on the short grass. The player will simply rock the hybrid back and forth using a motion that is similar to making a stroke. This technique can be beneficial in learning to properly control the distance.

V.Hitting out of trouble. When the ball encounters some trouble off to the side of the fairway, using hybrid club is always a smart decision. The move to make is quite simple – just hit a punch shot back toward the short grass.

VI.Shots from a fairway bunker. This is one of the hardest shots in the course of a game. Still, a golfer could have an easy time picking the ball off the top of the sand. Using a hybrid club, it is easier to hit the shot at the full distance to the target.

There’s no denying that hybrids come with all sorts of advantages. So, those serious about golf should definitely get their hands on these versatile wonders.