Getting Rid of Unwanted Jewelry For Profit

There are a lot of different things that you may have around your home. Some of them are useful, and others are out of sight, therefore out of mind. If you’re honest with yourself, you may have some jewelry and valuables that you have in boxes, drawers, and other areas that don’t ever see the light of day.

These items are inherently valuable, and may evenhold a few sentimental elements to them. You may find that you want to keep them for the time, but what about later on? Many people don’t factor in that they may need quick cash. You may find yourself in dire straits, or you may have an emergency arise, and be stuck without savings. If you don’t have any savings or money, you will end up fighting an uphill battle. That’s where selling jewelry may help out, and there are a few ways that you can do this and get top dollar overall.

Selling To A Good Company

The best way to get rid of precious metals is to look into This is a solution that is going to pay off dividends. It’s an option that is going to help you gain the upper hand when life throws you a curve ball. This is a reputable company that you can work with to get your items sold, and get top dollar. Now, there are other companies out there trying to get people to send them precious metals, and more.

These companies may mean well, but there are some that are absolutely bad. Some have even been sued for giving lower than market value rates. You want to beware of those companies, and instead utilize a solution that is going to pay you the right price, and help you along the way. Selling to a good company is in fact the best way that you can move forward in this regards.

What About Broken Pieces?

Some people may find that their jewelry is no longer fully together. Rings, necklaces, and other options can break apart, or get damaged through wear and tear and more. If you have pieces of gold and silver that have broken, they are still valuable. You’ll have to go by weight in this case, and you could easily sell them through

This can help you get top value for the pieces, based on weight. Of course, this all depends on how damaged or broken an item is, but in most cases, companies will take the items you send them and melt them down to configure another option out of them.

Pawn Shop Options

The next big step that you may want to consider in regards to getting rid of unwanted jewelry is to look for pawn shop options. A pawn solution can help you in a variety of ways, which the biggest option buying your items outright. If you have items that are valuable, you could visit a shop and sell them your goods. They will weigh and asses your items and then give you quote. You could take that quote and move on, or you could go another path. If you’re not looking to sell, you could always put items up for collateral, which will allow you to get a short-term loan and use that money for anything you may need. As long as you pay back the loan, you can get back your collateral items.


At the end of the day, why not sell jewelry? If you have items lying around collecting dust, you may want to see if you can get a little extra money. More often than not, people are sitting on thousands of dollars’ worth of gold, silver, and platinum. You may be one of these people.