Moveable Cubicles: For Beginners

The following people may have different problems but one solution would apply to them all.

• Family A’s house was sold earlier than expected and now they have to move out. The small apartment they temporarily rented while waiting for their new house to be finished would not be able to accommodate all their things.

• The furniture shop needs a temporary storage for the arrival of new items. The extra space would also be used during inventory of all items.

• The accounting office is under renovation. They need to put away all the important documents and records of the clients in a safe place while construction is going on.

The solution?Movable cubicles.What are these? Movable cubicles are containers or units you can rent or buy to store anything you need to store but do not have the space to do so.

Movable cubicles serve the following purposes:

Optimization of space and temporary or permanent storage and safety of all your things.

There are other things worth knowing about these storages and here is a list of them:

1. Materials of the containers.

Moveable CubiclesMovable cubicles are made of 100% steel with a reinforced base. This makes the containers very sturdy and secure. They are also weather resistant and water proof, thereby protecting all your documents, furniture, merchandise or goods. The floors are made of marine wood planks. Vents are provided for ventilation. If you need an office type space, changing the regular walls to specialized ones could already convert these units into office like spaces. The weight of a 20ft container is around 5600 pounds while that of a 40ft is around 8900 pounds.All containers are also ground level for easy access.

2. Sizes of the containers.

There are different container sizes available that you can choose from. Most companies offer 20, 40 or 45 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8-9 feet tall cubicles. If you have a specific size that you need, there are companies that offer customized containers or cubicles according to your specification.

3. Safety and security of the containers.

The containers have two side-by-side doors on one end and special locks are included, making the containers very secure and safe. If you require additional safety precautions, you may request for containers with high security lock boxes.

4. Requirements of the containers.

The first requirement would be the space where the containers would be placed. A minimum space of 80 feet long, 10 feet wide and 14 feet high is required to be able to deliver and transfer the container safely to your site. You would also be asked to pay up front the delivery fee, pick up fee and the first monthly rental fee. Other requirements may include special permits for the containers to be placed on your property, depending on the rules and regulations of the city or estate.

5. Other matters.

You would need at least a week for the delivery of the container to your location. The first three days is allotted for pick up from your location and the other half of the week for delivery to your location. Delivery is directly on the site that you need it to be. In the same manner, allot at least four days when you want to return the containers.

If you are just renting the containers, you are not allowed to make any modifications on it such as drilling holes or changing the paint. You can buy any of the containers you are renting at any time.

Movable cubicles are the storage solutions for you when extra and instant spaces are required, whether temporarily or permanently, at a cost that is affordable.