What Are Military Coins

Here is a little history lesson about military coins. Back in World War I, an American fighter pilot was captured in Germany. He was imprisoned for several years until an attack by the British Army had paved the way for him to escape. Luckily enough, he was able to escape from his enemies along with other prisoners of war. While on the loose and trying to seek refuge, he had met French troops who had mistaken him for a German, which was also the French’s enemy at the time. Without precedence, he was taken captive again by America’s own ally. This was clearly a case of mistaken identity.

Stripped of his personal belongings, he struggled to find anything, something that would convince the French that he was not the enemy, that he was no German but a true-blooded American fighting for the same cause that they were fighting. Joe thought he ran out of luck but for sheer coincidence, he came about a challenge coin that a lieutenant had given him prior to his deployment. Good thing the military coin was carved with the insignia of the American unit along with other identifying marks that would support his claim being an American and an ally to the French in the war. Because of this, his execution was postponed until further verification.

True enough, the American fighter pilot’s identity was later confirmed, prompting the French to release him as a prisoner. Had it not been the coin, he would have been dead – and what a shame it would be to die upon being mistaken as an enemy. This was how military coins came into being, and their popularity has continued to gain momentum since then. It was because of this story that many were inspired to trade and collect challenge coins.

military coinsFrom starting as a mere symbol of being in the military, the coins have come to mean something more than that. Civilians and military personnel alike collect challenge coins as memorabilia. Some hobbyists are into challenge coins collection. Still, it cannot be denied that it has become a tradition and some sort of honor to receive one.

In a government ceremony, visiting dignitaries are presented with these coins as a sign of honor and welcome. Government offices order the minting of such coins, which are to be given to diplomats and foreign dignitaries visiting the country. Nowadays, military coins can be minted according to your preferences. Along with the advancement in technology, complicated designs are now possible. Some of the features that can be added to the coins are special designs on the edges, special letters and numbers, and even pictures. You would not believe that a picture can be carved onto the surface of the coin. That’s how sophisticated the tools have become these days.

A good shop would try their best to accommodate your request. Just make sure you are very specific of the details as you’d surely want to avoid mistakes. Another attribute of a good shop is that they keep you updated of the status of your order. You may receive a call from one of their office staff telling you where they are with the work. You’ll also be informed immediately if any issues suddenly come up during production. On the other hand, if you are looking for some of these coins, try to check if there are someone within your social circle that is also into this kind of coins. He might be able to help you procure such military coins. Some collectors would exchange some of their coins for another one, especially when they have more than one of a particular design.

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