Why Rubber Bracelets Are The Best Option For Fundraising

If you’re looking for a great way to raise funds for your organization, remember that there are many options available for you to achieve your goal. However, a lot of these options may need salesmanship, coordination, and cooperation. It is possible to make it less complicated by having a direct sales fundraising event using a product that is popular, simple, fun, and pretty much sells itself.

Rubber bracelets are commonly used to raise money for different charities and organizations. Compared to other means, selling these bracelets or wristbands is a simple, yet profitable option.

Fundraising Techniques

Some fundraising techniques could be difficult to organize, particularly when it depends too much on students or volunteers who have a lot of things to do than offer their time to the cause. A fundraising method of order taking, such as selling candies and other products, should be supervised well.

Moreover, sellers need to be really determined to sell. At times, the range of products being sold could add up to the sheer difficulty of bookkeeping. It can be time-consuming and challenging for schools that are tracking the sales of students. You also have to take note that there are schools that have changed their policies to prohibit candy sales on school grounds because of nutritional issues.

Rubber braceletsAnother technique that could be even more complicated is online fundraising. This technique uses a website to sell different products, and from the sale, the organization gets a commission. There are numerous issues that could arise with this technique – you need to have a contract with an online vendor to give a percentage of all sales; create and maintain the website; program secure order handling and methods of tracking into the back-end of the website; and promote the website in order to attract traffic and purchases. This option could be easy to execute for some charities that already have a website, but if you need to make a fresh start, this option might not be the solution.

Selling Rubber Bracelets for a Fundraiser

The popularity of wristbands can be mostly attributed to their fundraising capability. These bracelets do not just serve as accessories and as items for spreading awareness, as you can also use them to raise funds for your organization. If you want to raise funds for a cause in your community, school, or college, these bracelets can actually do wonders.

You can have some bracelets with the same design, color, and message engraved and hand them out to different people. This can be a great promotion for your cause. Some old ways to promote a cause include giving out calendars, pens, T-shirts, mugs, etc., but giving rubber bracelets is something new and unique that people would be interested in.

What Are These Bracelets?

These bracelets that are really popular today are made from silicone and rubber. They have been considered by some as a passing fad, but their popularity has not been reduced. Wearing these bracelets or wristbands is still stylish even at present. More and more children and teenagers still consider these bracelets among the trendiest accessories.

Because they are made from durable material, these wristbands are sustainable and can maintain their flexibility even with constant wear and tear. Certainly, they would not go out of shape very easily. Furthermore, they are really affordable and can be ordered online.

Other Purposes

Aside from fundraising, rubber bracelets can also be used for other purposes such for business promotion, identification tags, awareness, personalized gifts, party favors, or just a simple fashion accessory. Other events like sports games, gatherings, and concerts also use these bracelets.

They attract too many people because you can customize them according to your preference. You can create your own design and choose the color that you want. Customizing these accessories has become really easy. The most popular styles include debossed and embossed. There is a small difference between these two styles – the design in debossed style is embedded and in embossed style, the design is raised. Of course, you also have the choice to put a message on your bracelets.


Selling custom bracelets can be the most fitting way to raise funds for a cause. Compared to other techniques, it has one of the lowest initial costs needed to get things going. You can even get a better deal if you order in higher quantity and keep the same symbol or message on every bracelet. Plus, there are lots of colors to choose from, so you can be sure that you will find what you really want.

Buying these customized bracelets is quite simple, and perhaps what you will only find challenging is choosing the message and theme that goes along with the goals of your organization. With these rubber bracelets, your fundraiser can be manageable and profitable, which would surely help your organization.